Life in an Inquiry Driven, Technology-Embedded, Connected Classroom

Currently, there is much debate about the use of technology in the classroom and I’ve read many arguments both for and against it. My personal view is that I’m for the use of technology. When educators have the support, knowledge and understanding how to use technology collaboratively in the classroom; as another tool and means to enhance learning…not as a replacement…I believe curriculum objectives and teaching goals can be achieved.

So then the question becomes how. Show an example of how this so called “passion based learning” works; how it’s possible to bring these two, often perceived as dichotomous, worlds together to achieve traditional curriculum goals with 21st century technology. Shelley Wright (on twitter @wrightsroom) a teacher/education blogger from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, shows us exactly how. You can read her guest blog below from the website, Powerful Learning Practice: Professional Development for 21st Century Educators.

Go ahead. Take a glimpse into 21st century teaching and see what life in an inquiry driven, technology embedded, connected classroom is like. It’s a truly inspirational look at educational possibilities becoming reality…

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